Restoration of the 1852 Barnum Blake Building
at 205 N. Franklin Street

Removal of Exterior Siding

Removing the Exterior Siding

In August of 2012 the Port Washington Historical Society acquired the historic 1852 Barnum Blake building and embarked on a complete restoration of the building that is now the Society research and archive center and Society offices.

Barnum Blake was a businessman and land speculator who acquired thousands of acres of land, built buildings and piers and left his mark and legend on Port Washington. Two of his buildings still exist and the Resource Center at 205 N. Franklin Street is one of them.

Restored to 1910 Storefront

Restored to 1910 Storefront

A new roof, mechanical systems, windows, restoration of original floors, plaster walls, and tin ceiling, suspended ceilings, carpeting, front and back entrances were restored and updated. The front of the building reflects its 1910 history.

Volunteers contributed hundreds of hours of work, substantially reducing the cost of the restoration. The interior and exterior restoration extended over an 18 month period of time, costing nearly $460,000 including the purchase of the building. The project was completed debt free.

Resource Center Restoration


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