Port Washington Historical Markers Project

Historic sites and buildings serve as expressions of the past. They are visual reminders of a community’s history, recognize individual preservation efforts, and help citizens and visitors feel more connected to the community. They provide continuity in the places where we live.

The Port Washington Historical Society sponsors an initiative to recognize, with a marker, its historic sites and buildings.  This is a recognition program to promote public awareness and appreciation of local historic buildings.  The organization works with local business owners who desire to establish a historical marker that will give credit to the historical nature of their building.  Working with the owner the organization facilitates the marker acquisition and the information that it will impart to the public.

Historic markers can reflect status on state and national registers or the history of the building and restoration efforts of the owner. Examples of different markers are:

For further information contact the Port Washington Historical Society at 262-268-9150 or email us.


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